I started my business with hopes someday I’d have the flexibility to spend time with my family at our favorite place Jekyll Island, GA. I thought it only fitting as I get started I focus of the end! A little goal focusing I guess you can say! 1915531_10153285718672443_7706069317660625742_nKnown as the jewel of the Golden Isles with a rich and vast history but a silence to those travelers that pass her from the north on their way to the Florida beaches and to see Mickey Mouse! Little did you know what you pass on your way!!  If you’re looking for a place unspoiled by civilization and like to walk on the beach with no one in sight, this is your place! A place where you can ride in Red Bugs  or just walk in unspoiled beauty!

Inside of this beauty lies the Jekyll Island Campground!  Pitch your tent or park your RV and stay among the magnificent oaks draped with Spanish moss on Jekyll Island.


Family fun and nature collide and if you like Sea Turtles this is the place to be! Jekyll Island is home to more than a thousand acres of maritime forest, 10 miles of shoreline, and best-in-class biologists and researchers. Learn more about the island’s natural resources from these experts during these one-of-a-kind eco-experiences: Be a part of sea turtle nesting season and monitoring with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center during Turtle Walks, Ride with Night Patrol, Egg-sperience Dawn Patrol, and Sunrise Walks. There’s so much of the “we never did this before dad” things to do! Your family will appreciate your new family vacation expertise! You never know they might let you play some golf as a reward too!


I hope you have a chance to click on a few of the links and check it out. One thing though don’t tell too many people, its our secret and I don’t like crowds!!  ha

To learn more about the Jewel called Jekyll click here!

I hope you enjoyed the scenery!

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