Best Used Cars under $5000

If you have kids you know the cost of raising them gets more expensive the older they get! Nothing can be as costly as getting them a reliable first car for work or school transportation. Here at NICE AUTO SALES we focus on vehicles that are reliable and wont break the bank! Cars for kids that will get them A to B and if they learn to take care of it hopefully off to college and beyond until they land that first job!

Below is some info we came across and we thought it a great idea to share:

Why Used Cars Under $5000?

For the purposes of looking at pre-owned vehicles, five thousand dollars is often considered a great place to start your budget. Five thousand dollars gives you enough ceiling to open up a lot of relatively recent pre-owned vehicles for consideration, which can be important when considering fuel economy and reliability.

While trucks and SUVs are often popular vehicles, the best reliability and fuel economy can often be found in the pre-owned car market. Not only are trucks and SUVs more often than not less fuel efficient than compact cars and sedans, but drivers have a tendency to put them through a lot more adventuresome driving than your average family car will see. This makes pre-owned cars the best place for a shopper to look when trying to find a solid investment in their transportation future.

Eight Cars Under $5000

While it is true that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of cars to choose from, even at the five grand price limit, not every car is made the same. You can visit dozens of sites looking for the best vehicles available in nearly any price range, and every site will give you a different list of recommendations. Despite this, there are a few standbys that nearly every list will include due to their universally accepted excellence for their price point.

In no particular order, here are eight of the most recommended used cars under five thousand dollars:

2005 Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback


Price: between $3500-$4500

MPG: 23+

Why it is recommended: The Chevy Aveo is the precursor to the Chevy Sonic, and often gets recommended based on its solid fuel efficiency. Like most of the cars on this list, the Aveo is well-rated for safety according to Motortrend. The 2005 model comes more highly recommended than any other year model.

2001 Honda Civic Coupe


Price: between $3750-$5000

MPG: 28+

Why it is recommended: The Honda Civic has been a very popular model for a long time, and for a lot of very good reasons. Though the cars do little to stand out from competing models in terms of aesthetics or general performance, they have a long history of reliability, and due to how ubiquitous they tend to be can often be grabbed for a cheaper price than competing models from other manufacturers. Though the 2001 model is recommended here, many year models of the Civic can be found under five thousand dollars, most of them sharing the same quality construction and reliability. Unfortunately, Hondas often makes the list of cars most often stolen.

2003 Volvo S40 Sedan


Price: between $4200-$4600

MPG: 19+

Why it is recommended: The Volvo S40 series is a very solid sedan with a lot of safety features implemented, including side curtain airbags. With one of the best safety ratings in our list, the S40 is a great choice for drivers on a budget who are willing to sacrifice a little MPG and style for a safer, reliable ride.

2000 Ford Crown Victoria Sedan


Price: between $3500-$4000

MPG: 16+

Why it is recommended: The Ford Crown Victoria has a rather distinguished history as a service vehicle, and is built to last. Was popular with police departments and taxi services across the country, the Crown Victoria — or Crown Vic for short — was known for being a solid, safe choice with a good amount of interior space.

2000 Honda Accord Sedan


Price: between $3500-$5000

MPG: 20+

Why it is recommended: The Honda Accord, much like the company’s other vehicle on our list, the Civic, has a history of reliability among drivers. In contrast to the Civic, however, many people deem the Accord to have a more attractive aesthetic with its somewhat sleeker lines. With a slightly different target audience, the Accord serves as a somewhat sportier option with more power than the Civic, but at the cost of some fuel efficiency. Like other Hondas, often stolen.

2000 Mazda MX-5 Miata Convertible


Price: between $3500-$5000

MPG: 20+

Why it is recommended: The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a much different vehicle than most of what fills out our list. Being the only coupe, little lone the only convertible, the Miata nevertheless takes a place among its peers because of its solid fuel mileage and reliability. Despite being ostensibly a sports car as opposed to the family- or efficiency-oriented models in the rest of the list, Miatas can be picked up for relatively little even in good condition, making them a good alternative for drivers looking for something a bit more visual.

2002 Toyota Corolla Sedan


Price: between $4200-$4800

MPG: 25+

Why it is recommended: The Toyota Corolla has one of the lower safety ratings on our list (right behind the Miata,) but still manages to make itself a worthy choice through excellent fuel economy. The Corolla offers an excellent balance of space and efficiency for drivers, and like the other vehicles featured here is known for good reliability.

2002 Chevrolet Prizm Sedan


Price: between $3000-$3500

MPG: 27+

Why it is recommended: The Prizm is, for the most part, a Toyota Corolla re-branded with the Chevrolet logo. As such, many of the concerns — and advantages — associated with the Corolla also apply to the Prizm. The Prizm is considered to be somewhat less common to find, but was also less popular than the Corolla, helping to keep its price low.

Keep an eye on our inventory as several of these cars will be arriving soon to Nice Auto Sales.

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