In the spring of 2016 after 20+ years in the Automotive and RV industries I looked at all the success I had achieved for all the owners I worked for over the years and where I was in my career. For 15 of those years I was the GM or Managing Partner for several successful stores and worked with some fantastic people. But I always wanted more…..I struggled with the fact that no matter what I did or how well I did it the people I worked for were never satisfied. To be honest neither was I. I always wanted more myself, not so much financially but accomplishment wise for me and a legacy to pass on to my kids and beyond in my family. I wanted them to be able to say, look at what he did and how it did it!!!

So one day I made the decision in Poker terms (which I dont play) to go ALL in and make the leap to owning my own business! Nice Auto Sales was born. It was actually born 20 years ago in my mind that someday I would hopefully be able to open up my own store. Why NICE? Well thats a long story from High School! Go Wolverines!  🙂

Well that’s how NICE AUTO SALES came to be! A place for people just looking for a NICE product at a NICE price they would be confident to spend their money at? NICE AUTO SALES was born!

We are a family owned business, not some big corporation or mega dealer. We support our community and especially our Military and First responders! Being an Air Force veteran I know how important is to take care of those that supported our freedoms! 1654215_10152009368662739_966482217_n


So, It’s just us trying to support our family by giving your family great products at great prices. I believe in treating people like I would want someone to treat my parents. No gimmicks, no games just give you straight up information and let you make the decision for yourself! It’s really that simple!

Feel free to CONTACT US on any question BEFORE you make a buying decison on any NEW or USED car, truck or RV. I have an extensive network of peers that work all over the country at all levels of dealerships and manafacturers that are always willing to assist me and let me help you make the best decision for your family!

Oh about that rock outside…..not much to tell except its BIG and Yellow!  Look for it along RT 1! You never know there might be a POKEMON near it too!